Heartbroken Dog Waits In The Rain Every Day For Owner -Viral Video Brings Them Together

Dogs are incredibly loyal, as proven by numerous anecdotes of dogs anxiously awaiting the return of their owners. One such story went viral on TikTok, grabbing viewers’ emotions. A dog can be seen sitting outside a shop in Sembilan, Malaysia, in the video tweeted by @jimjimmie in December, suffering the constant downpour with a melancholy expression.


Replying to @ciktarusma Kesetiaan yg tiada penghujung. kesian dia😌 #anjingjalanan

♬ Kiss the Rain – Elise Bechstein

The dog’s continuous presence suggested a strong desire for someone to arrive. Despite Jim’s efforts to entice the dog to approach him, she remained still. Surprisingly, she had been stationed outside the same establishment for four days in a row. While the video shows the dog receiving food, it is clear that she will remain in that location until her owner returns.

Though the scene was certainly heartbreaking, the story has a happy ending. According to the Malaysian news outlet SAYS, the video’s broad distribution was critical in reuniting the dog with her owner. According to the account, the dog, named Bairava, had been separated from her owner, Vaani, for an agonizing eight months. Vaani initially saw Bairava’s steadfast monitoring while watching an online movie.

Vaani rushed to the area where Bairava had been patiently waiting, resulting in an immensely heartwarming reunion. “I went there and called her name… we were all overcome with joy as we hugged our beloved dog,” Vaani told SAYS. Vaani, a caring 40-year-old mother, recalls rescuing the dog, Bairava, as a stray friend five years ago. Unfortunately, their relationship was momentarily disrupted when Vaani became ill and had to heal, during which time Bairava unexpectedly left.

Despite her best efforts, Vaani’s hunt for her beloved friend offered no results. However, a ray of hope appeared when she came across the popular film depicting Bairava’s undying dedication and patient wait. This passionate act of loyalty served as a beacon of hope that her beloved dog was still alive and waiting to be reunited with her. The elation is immeasurable now that Bairava has been safely brought back home. The profound longing displayed by this loyal dog leaves no doubt that the bond between Bairava and her owner was deeply cherished and sorely missed.