A Canadian Photographer Captures Polar Bears Having The Time Of Their Life Amid Floral Fields

While it’s unusual to see a polar bear outside of its frozen habitat, it appears that these gorgeous beasts aren’t walking back from a play into a flower field. And this polar bear-obsessed photographer was able to get some fantastic photos of these gentle giants having the best of their life while playing in fireweed fields.

The unusual picture shoot was organized in Manitoba, Canada.During the summer, this area transforms into a big flowery ocean. Dennis Fast, a wildlife and nature photographer, captured the polar bears in the most comical ways you’ve ever seen.

“It’s not just their color that makes them a favorite target of mine,” Fast explained to My Modern Met. “They move slowly and amble around looking for anything that moves. It appears that they are unconcerned about anything and that they are not afraid of anything. It’s not arrogance per se, but rather a quiet confidence that we often admire in humans, and which transfers well to the polar bear.”

“Most people have seen photos of polar bears in the ice and snow of Hudson Bay in Northern Canada and other polar locales. They’re so ingrained in people’s minds that you’d think the North only experiences winter,” the photographer explained. While he enjoys all wild animals, Dennis is particularly fond of “the North’s most iconic animals.”

“Seeing a polar bear in my viewfinder is a real treat. It’s wonderful to spend time with my favorite animal. And spending a lot of time with the bears equals quality time,” Dennis Fast told My Modern Met. “On another occasion, I laughed out loud as I watched a relaxed polar bear bare his teeth to pluck a single flower from a stem of fireweed blossoms and roll it around between his lips!” Dennis remarked. Polar bears are proven to be puerile creatures despite being one of the fiercest predators on the planet!