After A Year In The Shelter, A Dog Can Now Finally Snooze In His New Home

It’s funny how dogs are frequently taken for granted simply because they cannot communicate their ideas and feelings in the same manner that we do. Nonetheless, these lovely furry critters manage to teach us some of the most important life lessons. Finding the strength to smile after being rejected and overlooked for the hundredth time is impossible for most people, but when it comes to dogs, it appears to be much easier to forget everything and move on.

Petey, a North Carolina dog, was recognized at a local shelter as one of the longest-living members, despite being just one year old. His charisma may have helped him with the rescue team, but it didn’t work as well in foster homes. Petey was already a huge boy, and the local shelter was filled, so they had no choice but to call the SPCA of Wake County, which responded quickly and arrived to pick up the pup. The SPCA had enough room to house Petey for an extended amount of time, but they hoped it wouldn’t be another year before the doggo was adopted.

While everyone else was saddened by Petey’s unfortunate fate, he was OK. The SPCA staff quickly fell in love with this chap because of his good attitude and enthusiasm to make new friends, as Wake County SPCA spokeswoman Samantha Ranlet told The Dodo. “He was friendly and playful from the beginning…” We couldn’t believe that no one wanted him. But then, a miracle occurred.

After only a few weeks, Petey’s new parents contacted the SPCA through social media, where they first saw a photo of him. It was love at first sight. Petey was as thrilled with his new owners as they were with him. Petey’s delight and affection for his new owners, home, and everything that welcomed him was also captured on video, including a photo of him sleeping with a large smile on his face, knowing that he is finally home.

Given how terrific he was at both shelters, there was no question he would be equally good in his new home. The SPCA shared Petey’s new parents’ impressions in a Facebook post: “Petey is settling in nicely in his new home. He enjoys napping in his bed, playing fetch, and smelling around the yard. And he enjoys playing with his new brother and any other canine companion he meets. He’s the ideal complement! ❤️ Petey is very adored, and he is opening up and revealing his lovely personality. I am delighted to have him. ❤️”