Teen Creates Bow Ties For Shelter Animals To Aid In Their Adoption

When someone is wanting to adopt a dog, the difference is usually made by how adorable its images are. As a result, the dog, or any other shelter animal waiting to be adopted, must be as attractive as possible. Considering this, a youngster has helped thousands of animals get adopted by making them seem lovely.

Darius Brown of Newark, New Jersey, has loved animals since he was a child. And all he ever wanted to do was console those in severe need of assistance, such as shelter animals. His goal of designing bow ties came realized when he was eight years old. The now-14-year-old child constructed his first bow ties for a helpless dog in 2017. Since then, the big-hearted boy has made thousands of them. And each has its own story! “I saw all the destruction that was happening and I wanted to help, but I didn’t know what,” Darius explained to Rachael Ray.

“So, I was following a shelter on Facebook when I noticed that dogs were being relocated from Texas to New York. So I reasoned that if I donated some of my bow ties to the shelter, the dogs might be adopted sooner.” Darius is helping himself by helping the pets. The kind adolescent was diagnosed with fine motor skills a few years ago. So, in order to overcome his illness, he began to assist his elder sister in cutting materials for bow ties. And that work touched him deeply!

“I am a huge dog lover and I thought since people look great in bow ties I know a dog would look so cute and dapper in a bow tie,” Darius told Treehugger in an interview. “So I made some bow ties for the dogs in hopes of them standing out so they could get adopted faster.” Darius just decided to sell some of the bow ties he produces. And, of course, all proceeds benefit the same noble cause: assisting animals in need. He has sold almost 1,000 bow ties so far.

“There is a huge demand of people wanting to purchase my bow ties and shelters requesting donations,” he told. “I’m working on getting additional help because of the demand.” Darius’ sister also set up an online campaign to benefit his business, Beaux & Paws! You may also help him help shelter animals by clicking here. Follow this young man on Instagram to stay up to date on his amazing work! This man is a hero of mine!