Sweet Rescue Dog Does Not Like Being Apart From His New Mom

One thing that is sometimes overlooked is how much effort many rescuers put in to save as many dogs as possible. Sheltering pets and finding them a lasting home with someone who deserves them is a truly noble and courageous undertaking. I admire the people that do this on a daily basis since it must be difficult to see struggling pets, but it is also incredible when they are adopted. For this story, we’ll talk about a rescue dog who has a difficult time being separated from his new mom, and it’s the cutest thing you’ll see today.

When rescuers discovered Meira, she was only a young puppy living in an abandoned house with her mother and siblings. The Minnesota shelter workers who rescued them suspected that the previous owners had run a puppy mill and then abandoned the house with them inside. Meira’s mother was in bad form and straining to care for the nine puppies, so the rescuers moved quickly to transport them all to safety.

They continued by publishing a puppy-related story on their page, which received a lot of attention. Greta, Meira’s human mother, told GeoBeats Animals, “And then I saw a post on Pit Squad Rescue’s Facebook page that had a picture of Meira and her eight other siblings.” She wanted to adopt one, so she visited a shelter in Minnesota. When she arrived, Meira raced towards her, got into her lap, and fell asleep. That was the moment she knew this puppy was the one for her.

Greta noticed Meira’s spunky and boisterous personality as soon as she moved into her forever home. She simply adored being among other dogs and people, but she did not enjoy her human mother’s absence. They purchased her 12 talking buttons, which she enjoys using to express herself, and anytime Greta leaves the house, she spams the mom button. She just does not enjoy being parted from her mother. They make the most of their time together, though. Meira also enjoys taking daily walks and enjoying the outdoors. Greta takes her virtually everywhere she can, and she thoroughly likes it.

Playing with her toys is another one of her favorite activities. However, she can be a little mischievous and pick them apart, only for Greta to put them back together. This would result in a staring contest in which Greta rushes to mend the toy while Meira simply watches and excitedly awaits her toy. Greta went on to say: “I love her more than words can describe and we are just so thankful she is in our life.” Sometimes it only takes a moment, but it’s an essential one because it reminds us that some dogs are meant to be with us. Greta and Meira get along so well, and their story is a lovely example of how much influence a dog can have in our daily lives if we allow them the opportunity.