Friendly Dog Enjoys Petting The Other Puppies And They Seem To Enjoy It As Well

There are those few feelings in life that we all live for. Surely, one of the most beautiful is when we pet a dog. Whether you’re burying your hands in thickly-coiled fur or letting your fingers slide down a floppy, silky-smooth ear, this joy cannot be compared to anything else. However, the feeling is not reserved only for humans. Believe it or not, one affectionate dog loves nothing more than petting other pups.  And, he is not ashamed to show it in front of everyone. Ruby, a TA dog, visits The Den Doggy Daycare on a daily basis with her canine sibling Miles. When it comes to making friends here, this German Shorthair Pointer is anything but laid-back. But she does it in a unique and unconventional way. Instead of jumping and chasing other dogs, she pet them.

Ruby never keeps her paw to herself, as weird as that may sound. Her dog companions are perplexed at first, but she always gently extends her paw towards them as if to say “Hi” and begins caressing them in the manner of the most experienced dog owner. Most of them like it in the end, and some even want more! One woman, Alanah Lorraine, who frequently brings her dog, Lexy, to daycare, first noticed Ruby’s “unusual behavior”. “She does it every time she comes in,” Lorraine told The Dodo. “We think she wants attention!”

Lorraine couldn’t resist photographing at least a few of these adorable scenarios, which she did multiple times when she found herself in the proper location. Lorraine compiled all of the clips into a single film, which she shared on her TikTok profile. The video quickly became a big hit on the Internet. “I thought it would be adorable,” said Lorraine, “but I never imagined it would go viral.” The video caused numerous reactions. The video quickly racked up thousands of views, likes, and shares. And, as is customary, it didn’t take long for some well-known websites to take notice. One of them was WeRateDogs, who tweeted about Ruby and gave the video a 14/10 rating. People couldn’t get enough of Ruby touching other pets. They totally enjoyed it!

There were also some fascinating comments on Reddit. My dog does the same,” CertainlyForgetful explained. “About half the time it’s because he wants to play and the other half is because he’s either trying to get their attention or wants them to calm down.” ThePelicanWalksAgain commented: “Occasionally, the dog mimics a human action, but most of the time, the dog is trying to see if the other dog wants to play!” It’s similar to them making a pretend bow or thrusting their buttocks in another dog’s face.

According to Clever_Userfame, a dog trainer told them it is known as “minor dominance behavior” and is “sometimes used to start play.” However, in addition to the “professional discussion” about what truly causes this type of behavior, many of them commented on the scene itself, which they characterized as lovely. Finally, Ruby demonstrated that even dogs can perform tasks that are “reserved” only for humans. We believe Ruby may serve as an example for many people about how to show affection for dogs, particularly those who are unkind to these beautiful animals.