Hero Releases Chained Horse, Unaware That He Is About To Receive The ‘Thank You’ Of Lifetime

Some people believe that wild animals are incapable of feeling gratitude for someone who has helped them out of a difficult position, yet movies like the one you’re about to view demonstrate the opposite.

It all began when a veterinarian from Four Paws came across a wild horse tethered in the middle of a field in Romani. The horse, unable to roam freely, appeared miserable. It appeared to have given up on life and was simply waiting for everything to finish.

Knowing that chaining a wild horse is not only immoral, but also unlawful, the vet resolved to restore the animal’s freedom and independence. The man’s gestures are heartwarming, but the best part of the video is how the horse reacts to them.

The horse’s reaction to the man releasing him from the chains that had irritated its skin and kept it imprisoned in one location is so intense that it will almost certainly bring tears to your eyes.

The horse in the video below was fortunate, but there are many other Danube delta horses who are in the same situation and do not have the same luck. Watch the touching moment below!