A Friendly Bear Waves As Visitors Pass By

The Transfagarasan route in Romania’s magnificent Carpathian highlands has a unique local celebrity – Ursu, the waving bear.

Unlike his enigmatic kin, Ursu is known to stay by the roadside, drawing the attention of travelers traveling through the breathtaking scenery.

Ursu’s unique appeal stems from his warm, almost human-like gesture: a wave. As motorists slow down to examine him, he raises a paw, providing an astonishing sight that has many onlookers blinking in surprise.

This one-of-a-kind occurrence has prompted an inflow of tourists, all of whom are hoping to catch the #WavingBear moment.

Officials, on the other hand, are constantly reminding guests of the significance of safety. Ursu’s unique behavior is amusing, but he is still a wild creature and must be treated as such. While his welcoming wave is a pleasant sight, it also serves as a reminder of the rich species that inhabits this remarkable place.