He Endured Cold And Sadness Awaiting In Excruciating Agony For His Demise After Being Abandoned With Large Tumor

Numerous rescue groups posted pictures of this puppy online. The woman who spotted him simply snapped a photo of him and posted it to Facebook. The breed of the dog is an amstaff. He is immobile and can only stand. We don’t know what happened to him. Perhaps he was shot earlier since he was in a wooded community.

His tail never stops wagging since he’s such a darling. His ears were cropped, implying that he had an owner who cropped them and simply left him like this. Alphonzo was his name. The x-rays indicate that it is a tumor. His leg is terribly scarred, stinks, and he is in excruciating pain. At the vet, more diagnostics and blood work will be performed, as well as a chest x-ray and a CT scan to determine the presence of mets. His limb will almost definitely have to be amputated.

He constantly wags his tail and kisses people. He has a healthy appetite, which is a good sign. He obtained a chest x-ray and learned that he has no mets! He’s hooked up to an IV and his leg will be severed. The blood tests show that he is anemic, but the limb must be amputated immediately once, cannot wait another day.

His front leg was amputated after a grueling long-hour surgery, and a 6-kilo tumor was removed, and he survived. Alphonzo was discharged from the clinic four days later and is doing well. He is a warrior, and he will succeed! He’s anemic, but that’ll be remedied with vitamins and proper nourishment. Merima, who is also a vet nurse, is caring for him privately.

He survived a difficult surgery and will lead a normal, happy life! I’m hoping that one day he’ll find a home with someone who loves him as much as they do. Alphonzo is doing well after a month, his wound is healing properly, and there are no complications. He is a darling who like people, children, and dogs and has no dislike for cats! He’s about a year old, and after the free spaying and neutering program resumes, he’ll be adopted.