Florida Man Fights Off Black Bear To Save His Dogs

A Florida man goes head to head with a black bear to protect his dogs! This is the horrifying moment a man in Daytona Beach, Florida came face to face with a black bear on his doorstep. The big beast barged in and attempted to attack one of the dogs, but the fearless owner beat the bear off without hesitation. He miraculously escaped with only a few scratches, but neither his dogs nor the bear were wounded. A Ring camera filmed the astonishing moment!

Walter Hickox, who was sitting on his porch with his dogs, was having a quiet evening. But then a black bear leapt over the terrace’s little wooden fence and nearly killed the man’s 12-year-old dachshund, Pepper. The man standing near the security camera had an astounding reaction. He jumped in without hesitation, fighting the savage beast with his bare hands.

Walter managed to push the black bear outside after only a few moments of goosebumps. He then took a wooden bench and placed it in front of the door. The man suffered just minor injuries as a result of the exciting encounter, but happily none of his dogs were injured.

“Not much was going through my mind at the time, other than what would happen if he got past me and into the house where the rest of my dogs and my wife were,” Walter told WFTV. Take a look at this moment:

To avoid future instances like this, the man is thinking about replacing the wooden gate with a solid door.