12-Year-Old Creates LEGO Wheelchair For An Unloved Pet So She May Enjoy Life

A 12-year-old boy’s charity gave a small two-legged puppy a second chance at life. The inventive child used LEGO pieces to make a wheelchair for the helpless dog so she could run, and their inspirational narrative restored our faith in humanity!

With Gracie, a one-year-old gorgeous puppy, life was quite unfair. Gracie’s journey into this world looked tough enough because she was born without her front legs owing to a birth abnormality, but things became even worse. Unfortunately, her human parents abandoned her when she was just a few weeks old, and the hapless puppy landed up in a shelter.

Despite all, little Gracie managed to overcome all of the challenges. The cute puppy, who was always nice and gentle, stole the hearts of the shelter owners. The Turley family of Kennesaw, Georgia, fell in love with Gracie right away and wanted to adopt her. Because they had previously adopted three-legged and paralyzed dogs, these caring individuals were already familiar with dealing with a special needs puppy. Nonetheless, they were anxious about Gracie’s ability to walk without injuring herself.

A boy who helped at the shelter provided assistance. Grace required an adaptable wheelchair because she was still growing. Dylan, a 12-year-old, came up with a wonderful idea. He created a one-of-a-kind wheelchair out of LEGO that exceeded all expectations. Gracie may now live her life normally, like any other puppy!

“The first couple of times, it took her a minutes to figure it out,” Tammy Turley told THE DODO. “However, we ended up getting little pieces of hot dog and when she smelled those, she took off.” More about this story in the video below!