The Only Woman In World Who Shares Her Backyard With Two Bengal Tigers

All those large wild cats come to mind when I think about down beautiful beasts. From the ferocious lion to the mighty tiger, the swift cheetah to the delicate leopard. However, not only should you avoid being around these massive felines, but you should also avoid sharing a home with them. This woman in Florida, on the other hand, appears to disagree.

While most of us use our gardens to unwind, Janice Haley of Orlando, Florida opted to turn it into a playground for her adorable kittens. And by kitties, I mean two massive Bengal tigers. Despite the fact that Janda weighs over 400 pounds and Saber weighs approximately 600 pounds, the 57-year-old woman claims they are gentle giants that love to play and snuggle like any other kitten. “As far as they’re concerned, I am mommy,” Janice explained. “They slap my face, and they let me kiss them on the nose.”

Janice has always had a fascination with large wild cats, and in 1995 she quit her work to begin caring for exotic creatures such as tigers, lions, and leopards. She met Janda in 2002, and five years later she adopted Saber, who was only two weeks old at the time. Since then, the woman has shared her house with two unusual creatures.

The woman agrees no wild animal should be kept in captivity. However, in some situation there’s not a choice as they won’t survive in the wild. “It is not the ideal place for a tiger to be, in a cage,” Janice told Bored Panda. “But at this point, in the wild, there isn’t a lot hope out there for them anymore, and if there aren’t some of them left in cages there aren’t going to be any left at all in a couple of years from now.”


Janda and Saber are hand-fed three times a day by the woman. She also enlisted the assistance of several volunteers to assist her with the magnificent creatures. “They are provided for and loved here,” the mother explained. “In my opinion, I wouldn’t mind being a tiger in my own backyard.” Janice enjoys spending time with her cherished buddies. Sometimes she even takes naps with her “babies.”