To Save Her Nine-Week-Old Cub, A Lioness Braves A Swift-Flowing River

A brave lioness bravely navigates a dangerous river crossing while clutching her little cub by the scruff of the neck. Despite the difficult conditions, the brave mother carefully guides her nine-week-old youngster across the choppy waters, hopping from one makeshift stepping stone to the next.

We witness a heart-stopping scenario as the lioness makes her way to reunite with the rest of her pride on the opposite bank, never letting go of her beautiful youngster!

Despite the fast-flowing waters of Kenya’s Masai Mara game reserve’s Ntiakitiak River, a tiny cub emerged unhurt, with only a damp coat, as its mother successfully navigated the perilous currents. The astonishing moment was caught by Greek photographer Kyriakos Kaziras during a vacation to Kicheche Bush Camp, owned by photographer Paul Goldstein, in December.

Kaziras and his guide, according to Paul, had been watching the Enkoyanai pride early in the morning, following a period of severe rain that had converted the normally little Ntiakitiak River into a raging stream.

“There had been plenty of rain and the Ntiakitiak River, normally a trickle, was a swollen torrent,” Paul said.”The mother had to take the momentous decision to carry her nine-week-old cub to join them. The risks of such a journey were very real. “I have photographed lions carrying cubs and seen them crossing rivers, but the combination is unique and has never been seen, let alone recorded,” Paul said.