Lion And His Dachshund Pal Have Been Inseparable Since Cat Was A Cub

We commonly imagine the animal kingdom as a tight hierarchy. There are usually obvious lines between different species of animals in the wild that are not crossed. Gazelles and lions, for example, rarely “hang out.” Perhaps a more common example is the rumored competition between cats and dogs. Finally, we believe that some creatures should never be together under normal conditions. This narrative may persuade such people to reconsider.

A wildlife refuge in Wynnewood, Oklahoma, provides home to a diverse range of creatures. The Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park is the name given to this sanctuary for stray animals. The park, which opened in 1997, encompasses 16 acres and is home to 1400 animals from 128 different species. These animals range in size from little to massive. Bonedigger, a large lion, is one of the creatures at the sanctuary. Some of the species in the park are exotic, while others are far more common.

A number of stray dogs, mainly Dachshunds, are among the more regularly encountered animals. Abby, one of these cute little wiener puppies, is a young girl. Surprisingly, Abby and Bonedigger are best friends. According to park manager John Reikene, this eccentric couple’s passionate friendship is unlike anything he’s ever seen before: “I can’t say I’ve ever witnessed anything like this bond. They’re always adoring each other.”

Even though Bonedigger is terrifying, Abby is more than a match for him. Another park employee speculated that this could be due to the two creatures’ long history. When they were between the ages of six and nine weeks, they were introduced to one another. According to the crew, the two have a one-of-a-kind relationship. Even while Bonedigger gets along with the other dogs, none of them compare to Abby.

This endearing story demonstrates that we may not know as much about animals as we believe we do. It’s all too tempting to believe that all animals are the same or that they don’t have distinct personalities. As this narrative demonstrates, size and dominance are not the main factors in life. Bonedigger and Abby may not appear to have much in common, but they have figured it out—and become great friends. Most people may benefit from this wonderful relationship! Thank you, Abby and Bonedigger, for providing such a terrific example!