Two Former Circus Lions Take Their First Steps On Grass

It is always distressing to witness an animal, let alone a gorgeous lion, trapped in a cage. Unfortunately, there are still many circuses around the world where these gorgeous wild cats are forced to live in such conditions. It all came to an end for two of them after a dedicated team managed to rescue them and provide them the opportunity to roam freely. The first time the two lions touch grass, it is nothing short of dramatic.

Tarzan and Tanya have been forced to live a horrible existence as part of a Guatemalan circus for almost eight years. The two enormous felines were kept in cramped cages for years and were not adequately cared for. Fortunately, Animal Defenders International (ADI), a global animal rights organization, learned about their plight and raced to their aid.

Despite their fearlessness, the two were terrified and perplexed when Jan and Tim, ADI’s president and vice-president, went to rescue them. They had lived a difficult and tragic existence that had left profound scars in their hearts and on their bodies. And the last ones demonstrate how neglected these cute critters were.

Tanya and Tarzan were eventually transferred to a rehabilitation center before being taken away to their new home – a sanctuary in South Africa – after so many years of a tragic life.

When they arrived, the pair had the opportunity to walk on grass for the first time, and the experience was breathtaking. In the video below, you can learn more about Tarzan and Tanya’s rescue.