Generous Man Rescues Stray Pit Bulls And Builds A 46-Acre Refuge For Them To Run Free

Pit bulls are frequently misunderstood and stereotyped as “dangerous” canines. These dogs can be extremely affectionate and loyal, yet they are frequently victims of poor ownership. One man has decided to change the narrative by rescuing as many pit bulls as he can. His ambitious proposal include constructing a 46-acre refuge dedicated only to these dogs. Jason Flatt, a Paulding County, Georgia citizen, is the man behind this endeavor. He is aware of the large number of pit bulls in need of homes.

People are discouraged from adopting pit bulls because of the negative perceptions connected with them, resulting in a large number of pit bulls being abandoned in shelters. Flatt, on the other hand, is not one to turn a blind eye to these abandoned dogs. He is determined to do everything in his power to assist pit bulls in what he refers to as “doggy death row.” His efforts are making a huge difference in the lives of these pets.

“Everybody assumes these dogs are like these baby killing monsters. Pit bulls are a huge problem in every major metropolis. Every pound is full of them, and there aren’t enough rescuers to take them all,” Flatt told WSB-TV. His house is currently full of kennels for rescued pit bulls, but he has bigger aspirations. Many of the pit bulls Flatt has rescued had been traumatized in some way. Regardless of their histories, Flatt is entirely concerned with providing a safe and caring atmosphere for them. “Each of them has a story to tell. The stories are unimportant. “We’re looking to change the endings,” Flatt explained.

With his house now full, Flatt intends to construct a safe refuge for these dogs within the next few years. The majority of the pit bulls he rescues have never known affection. Flatt and his team of caregivers look for them around the clock, showering them with affection and giving them a sense of purpose in life. The facility he intends to construct will be a cutting-edge sanctuary, the first of its kind exclusively to pit bulls. It will be finished in three years and will have every amenity a pit bull could want. Each dog will have a 40-foot space divided evenly between grass and concrete areas.

Their area will also be half open and half closed, giving the dogs more alternatives. There will also be a doggie pool, an indoor play area, and a clinic section at the sanctuary. Flatt will try relentlessly to locate new homes for these canines. Those who are not adopted will have the option to live out their lives with him. More people like Jason Flatt, who has dedicated his life to assisting these helpless canines, who are frequently marginalized by society, are needed in the world.