Dog Gives A Kiss To The Firefighter Who Saved Him Off A Roof

The adorable moment was captured on film. A dog in Maine didn’t think twice about thanking a firefighter who saved him from a roof. When the husky realized he was safe, he kissed the firefighter who had saved him.

On Saturday, several bystanders noticed the animal and called officials in Wells for assistance. “The dog was pacing back and forth on the overhang over the porch,” Wells Maine Fire Department Captain Jeff Nawfel told “It didn’t appear to be distressed.”

After unlocking a window screen, Captain Nawfel ascended to the roof and enticed the dog back inside the home. “This was a first in my career,” stated Nawfel.

Everyone present was taken aback by the dog’s praise for Captain Nawfel. He was grateful and kissed his savior. We are grateful to all of our first responders for the excellent work they do.

Pets are conscious. They are capable of far more than we think. They feel affection and loyalty. Respect and devotion for them, please take good care of our friends! Check out the video below to see the emotional moment: