Dejected Bear Spent Thirty Years By Alone In A Rusted Cage, But When She Was Released, Her Reaction Was Touching

Fifi the bear would have a tragic tale to share if she could speak. Thankfully, there is a happy conclusion to that tale! A bear cub named Fifi came to a roadside zoo in Pennsylvania more than thirty years ago.

She and the other bears had to do absurd stunts for years, like standing on their hind legs. Fifi was left in a small, rusting cage with nothing more than a run-down doghouse for cover after the roadside zoo shuttered more than 20 years ago.

Fifi had dull, dingy coat, was skinny, and had excruciating, untreated arthritis. Every stride was difficult. She was saved in July 2015 by The Wild Animal Sanctuary and PETA.

After being moved to the Colorado facility, she was given the attention and large habitat she so richly deserved. Fifi has only been in the refuge for five months, but her body now reflects her enormous and lovely personality.

She has a thick coat, is in good health, and her legs are growing stronger every day. And this year, in her cozy new den, Fifi is hibernating for the first time in her long life.