Loyal Cat Walks 12 Miles To See Family Again, But They Had Other Plans For Him

Toby the cat longed to see his family again, but they had other plans for him: euthanasia. His former family abandoned him in February, leaving him befuddled and yearning for them. He began on a journey and walked for 12 miles to his former home, driven by his desire to see them again. His return home, however, was not received with open arms, but rather with a depressing turn of events. “They took him to the shelter to euthanize him,” Tara Lynn of the SPCA of Wake County told The Dodo. “It was so heartbreaking to know he made it all the way back to his family, and that was their response.”

Toby’s life was saved when the public shelter declined to euthanize him and instead contacted the SPCA. The SPCA quickly took him in and provided him with the medical care he required to prepare him for a new home. Toby was diagnosed with feline immunodeficiency virus and an upper respiratory infection, according to Lynn, an SPCA representative. It took some time for the SPCA to treat him for his ailment. Despite being separated from his family, Toby rapidly built a bond with the shelter employees, displaying his normal lovely cat’s kind and cuddly personality.

The shelter got an onslaught of calls after the rescue posted about Toby on social media. Michele Puckett, who lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, was one of the callers. She rushed to the shelter to meet Toby, and the rest, as they say, is history. Lynn indicated that Puckett has no reservations about adopting Toby. She even left her job to come to the shelter and meet with him.

“He is just so sweet, cuddly, and loving,” Michele added. “He’s also pretty much taken over our bed, as if he’s been here forever.” He enjoys unwinding beneath our pillows.” Michelle considers the sad fate planned for Toby by his prior owners as she observes his ease and contentment in her family’s care. She expresses her outrage at the callousness shown to Toby and expresses her gratitude that he was rescued. Lynn feels the same way and hopes that Toby’s tale will inspire other pet owners to consider rescues as a way to offer their pets a second chance at life, just as Toby was given.

“There are so many pets who are easily discarded by their families,” Lynn said. “I really hope he inspires other people to go out and adopt!” Learn more about Toby’s inspiring story in the video below. Don’t forget to share this story with your family and friends!