Dad Teaches The Dogs A New Skill, But The Cat Steals The Show

Whether you prefer cats or dogs, there is no doubting that canines have the upper hand, especially when it comes to learning and practicing tricks with their owners.

Cats, on the other hand, don’t appreciate being told what to do, so you can’t really instruct them to roll over or fetch you the ball. However, this is about to change!

As a result, if the video below is any sign of what’s to come, don’t be surprised if your cat starts acting like a dog soon. In it, a clever kitten competes with two dogs to impress her owner.

Although she is considerably smaller than the canines, the cat is not about to be scared by them when it comes to demonstrating her skills abilities. If anything, the cat seemed eager to demonstrate that cats can perform tricks just as well as dogs, if not better.

If you’ve ever secretly wished that your cat would behave more like a dog, at least once in a while, you’ll enjoy this video. Take a look: