A ‘Miracle’ Dog Losing A Portion Of His Brain Is The Happiest Dog In The World

‘Miracle’ canine An Australian Cattle Dog born with sections of his brain missing, a malformed skull, and a noticeable underbite has been praised as a’miracle’ by his owner. Jennifer Osborne, 26, saw Moose, three, in a pet store in 2016 and decided to adopt him out of worry that he might be euthanized or abandoned. Although she is now an advocate for adoption, she realized the unusual-looking dog had various health issues that surfaced when he was six months old. ‘I’m glad I got him instead of someone who would have abandoned or put him down,’ she said. Moose, we believe, was born this way. A portion of his brain is the “happiest in the world.”

‘We know that Moose’s nose was shoved into his skull, causing the underbite, crooked nose, deformed skull, damaged brain, and eye problems – most likely while he was still in the womb.’ Moose has seasonal allergies and cherry eye, a disorder in which his tear ducts protrude from his eyelid. Jennifer, from Ohio, claims he began having convulsive seizures in April 2018 and is currently on medicine to keep them at bay. ‘They attack the body and the brain,’ he said, leaving his entire body jerking and foaming at the lips. He had three in 30 hours at his worst.

‘He has been on a low dose of Phenobarbital since he started the drug, which has kept grand mal seizures at bay, but he has continued to experience focal seizures (partial seizures) every now and again, which can last hours. ‘A few weeks after we adopted Moose, an MRI revealed that he had no forehead, no sinuses, missing sections of his brain, particularly the area that helps him smell, and a cyst in his brain where the deformity lies.

‘His frontal lobe is also pushed together. Only the front of his brain is harmed, and his seizures will most likely worsen, but his physician believes it will not shorten his life.’ Jennifer adores posting images of Moose on his Instagram account, which has nearly 92,000 followers. In some of the photos, she dresses him up in glasses or a tie, and he receives hundreds of compliments on his perpetual grin and mismatched eyes. Jennifer has now launched her own line of Moose clothing to help fund his vet expenses, which totaled $2,000 (£1,600) last year.

‘He is great and a blessing in my life,’ she said. ‘He’s the happiest dog I’ve ever met, and I’m grateful he’s mine. From the way Moose behaved, you’d assume his intellect was OK. He is incredibly brilliant, full of personality, and adores everyone, especially his mother. He enjoys playing with his toys but does not comprehend the concept of sharing toys with his siblings. He feels they are all on his side. He realizes he’s a special boy! With all that’s happened to Moose, we’re very lucky he survived, period,’ she continued. ‘He truly is a miracle.’