Officer Saves Dog From Flaming Car And Receives The Sweetest ‘Thank You’ In Response

In a very remarkable rescue, a dog named Hank was rescued from a burning automobile by a Colorado sheriff’s deputy who shattered the windows with his baton. On January 22, Deputy Michael Gregorek arrived at the site in his patrol cruiser to find a car enveloped in smoke with Hank stuck inside, as seen on body camera.

Gregorek smashed both the driver’s side passenger window and the rear pane of the Ford Expedition SUV during the rescue, which took less than a minute. Despite the dog’s owner’s efforts to lure Hank towards the new entrance, the terrified pup remained trapped within. Gregorek, on the other hand, used quick thinking and courageous acts to remove Hank out of the automobile and carry him to safety on the snowy ground.

“I just went in there and grabbed on, and his body had kind of already started to tense up, so I knew he was really in a bad way,” Deputy Michael Gregorek said. “And so my thought only at that point was, ‘He’s coming out with me, regardless of whatever else might be happening.’”

When the cop heard Hank’s owner’s calls for aid, he rushed into action and went into full rescue mode. A neighbor who gave him some water suggested that his wife was a veterinarian and could examine Hank. The friendly dog, who appeared to be a pit bull or a pit mix, was given a clean bill of health and was spotted bounding around the backyard, much to Deputy Gregorek’s joy.

The officer took care to give Hank some affectionate pets before leaving, and the dog thanked him with a few thankful kisses. Watch the thrilling rescue here: