The Lion Who Was Kept Silent For Years In Abandoned Zoo Regains His Roar

Ruben the lion, 15 years old, fell mute after being confined to a small cage as the lone animal in an abandoned zoo for five years. Ruben is learning to roar again thanks to the assistance of a British animal charity. Although the bulk of the animals at the zoo were rescued once the owner died, Ruben was left behind!

Sadly, there was no room for him [Ruben]. Lions live in family groups and roaring is chatting to them,” said Jan Creamer, of Animal Defenders International. “He is still trying to roar. Ruben has never felt the sun on his back or the wind in his face.”

Ruben has a new life now because of this British animal charity’s successful efforts to save him. The team who saved Ruben is hoping he will settle into a refuge in South Africa and rediscover his roar. They had to carefully plan and time the operation in order to prevent escalating tensions in the area.

Ruben was safely taken to a renovated bear sanctuary outside Yerevan, Armenia, after being sedated and cared for by a veterinarian for a nine-hour voyage. He will be transported to an ADI refuge for lions and tigers in South Africa. Ruben, who was born in captivity, suffered from inadequate nutrition and years of isolation. But his coat is now shining, and his health is becoming better thanks to a balanced food and comfy living arrangements.

“This is more space than he has ever known but the real transformation will be in Africa where he will eventually have access to a very large natural habitat,” Creamer stated. ” Being put in cages for so long has weakened his muscles…However, we are strengthening him with exercise and nutrition, and he is responding wonderfully. It’s wonderful to see Ruben now engaging and interacting with people. For five years, his calls remained unheard, but we are optimistic that he will roar once more.”