Policeman Who Saved A Small Pit Bull Puppy While On Duty Has Adopted It

An lovely pit bull puppy’s tragedy became a happy ending when the officer who spotted him made an offer to give him a forever home. After a local police patrol saw the abandoned puppy meandering around the streets of Mount Laurel, New Jersey, things soon started to go in his favor. Officer Matthew O’Hanlon, who has been with the Mount Laurel Police Department for almost three years, saw the small puppy while on patrol through the city’s industrial area.

When he first felt he might have lost, he proceeded to look for himself. However, the puppy appeared more abandoned than lost because he was missing his collar and appeared injured. The officer said to ABC 7 that “when we typically find a dog, usually they have tags on them or a chip. We can quickly locate the owner by taking them to the nearby animal hospital.”

Officer O’Hanlon, worried, brought the three-month-old dog to the Burlington County Animal Shelter so that they could conduct additional research. But the officer’s heart was won over by the puppy’s adorableness on the way there. Nevertheless, the policeman left the dog at the shelter since he understood he shouldn’t become overly attached. But not for very long! Twenty minutes after dropping him off, I contacted the shelter and told them I needed him, officer O’Hanlon said on Good Morning America. “My fiancée and I wanted a pit bull, and it’s difficult to pass up a pit bull puppy that has an injury.”

Even though the puppy ended out not to have a microchip, he was kept at the shelter for a few more days in case someone had come to pick him up. He was also had to remain in order to receive wound care. However, officer O’Hanlon was more than happy to show him his new house as soon as he recovered completely. Thor was his given name! “Yeah, it’s satisfying to assist a young puppy like that in transitioning from whatever happened to him to now realizing how spoilt he will be for the rest of his life,” the officer told ABC7. “Being huge Marvel fans, my fiancée and I just felt the name kind of fit with him being injured and everything.”

The wonderful news was also announced to Facebook fans of the Mount Laurel Police Department. “People are often inquiring as to what became of the puppy we discovered on January 2nd.Well, one of the policemen who saved him has taken him to a new home,” the police department posted on Facebook. He was immediately adopted by Officer O’Hanlon, who has been making sure he receives lots of love and food! Little Thor is recovering well and has found a loving home that will last a lifetime. Check out the video below for more details on this touching tale!