Neglected Husky Who Spent Over 10 Years Chained Accepts Life As A Family Dog

Cloud, an elderly Husky, was rescued from a life of neglect after emergency personnel responding to a report at a demolished home in New Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, spotted him tethered to a hefty chain in the backyard. Cloud was scrawny and malnourished, with a big bulk on his back.

The emergency personnel quickly notified animal control, who transported Cloud to a nearby animal shelter. Cloud was given a bath, a thorough medical examination, and a nutritious breakfast at the shelter. The growth on his back was determined to be a benign tumor, and it was removed without incident.

Cloud was soon placed for adoption, and he was swiftly adopted by a loving family who provided him with the home and care he had always deserved.

Cloud is now enjoying life with his new family. He gets a comfy bed to sleep on, many of toys to play with, and daily walks in the park. He also undergoes monthly vet exams, and his tumor has not reappeared.

Cloud serves as a reminder that even the most abused creatures can find happiness and affection. He is thankful for his new family and is relishing every moment of his new existence.