Cyclists Decide To Stop Their Journey In Order To Save A Pit Bull Stuck On A Bridge

“Smash Bros Plus One” is a group of cyclists who ride around Fort Worth, Texas, every Monday night. On an unusual bike ride, a dog’s life was saved.

The cyclists decided to travel 80 miles to Dallas and return in a week. While going to Dallas, the bikers noticed a woman who had stopped her car and was attempting to indicate traffic to move over. She persisted in shouting that a dog needed assistance. The cyclists , first concerned, went to see what was going on.

The woman noticed a Pit Bull mix attached to a concrete support beam directly beneath the asphalt.Because she was suspended between 15 and 20 feet in the air, she couldn’t move up or down. She was most likely dumped there.

While the cyclists were figuring out how to get to the dog, a handyman stopped to examine the commotion. He had a ladder in his car, which was unexpected. A biker named Chris Williamson descended the ladder to get closer to the dog. He sat next to her for about 15 minutes, trying to win her trust.

Williamson took up the puppy when she showed signs of comfort around him and transferred her to the persons above him. They laid her down softly after cradling her like a baby. The dog seems happy to have reached safety.