After A Woman Saved A Baby Elephant, Moyo Follows Her Everywhere

Roxy Danckwerts founded Wild Is Life, a Zimbabwean animal refuge. And one day, while working, she came upon a baby Elephant who appeared to be separated from her herd. The young baby Elephant nearly drowned in a river while the herd was attempting to cross it, and her health was critical. The newborn Elephant was discovered on the shores of Lake Kariba, and all efforts to locate her group were futile because there were no Elephants in the region.

The Elephant was only a few days old, frail, afraid, and separated from its family. Roxy chose to nurse the Elephant back to health, but she had no idea the two would become closest friends. Roxy spent a lot of time with Moyo, feeding him 18 litres of a special milk formula every day. They spent a lot of time together, and Roxy even slept with her, so it’s no wonder that she grew fond of Roxy and now follows her wherever she goes.

Moyo, which means ‘Of The Heart’ in African, is now five years old and growing up quickly. Moyo has grown so devoted to her savior Roxy that she regards her as a second mother and refuses to let her out of her sight. While there is plenty of space for her to play outside in the nature refuge, Moyo appears to prefer living inside the house and is uninterested in outdoor activities. The adorable elephant visits the kitchen on a regular basis, snacking on peanuts, brownies, salt, and flatware.

The fact that Moyo nearly drowned when crossing the river left the poor Elephant traumatized and fearful of swimming. Her devoted guardian Roxy, on the other hand, has been there the entire time to help Moyo recover, and after 15 months of therapy, Moyo was eventually able to conquer her fear of swimming.

Moyo and other orphaned and injured animals like him receive special care, as well as loads of affection and attention, thanks to the selfless support of the people at the Zimbabwe refuge.