Horse Reunites With An Old Friend Four Years Later, Even The Owner Is Taken Aback By The Horse’s Reaction

Humans create lifelong bonds, but do animals? This woman finds out just as she is ready to reunite three horses who have been pals since they were foals. Nonetheless, she could never have predicted what transpired next! According to Shareably “Sue Blagburn raised three horses in Mustons Field, England.” The horses, named Arthur, Harry, and William, grew up as best buddies.

Unfortunately, when Sue transitioned her career into equine facilitated learning and therapy, she was forced to give Arthur up. While his pals toured around England with Sue, Arthur spent the next four years as a sports horse for high-end private competitions and events.”

While Harry and William were living together in Firle, East Sussex, Arthur was living his high-class life far away. But that was until Sue chose to repurchase her horse. She assumed they’d remember each other when she brought him back. She had no idea how surprised they would be to see each other after such a long period. The reconnection was heartwarming. It was time for a jog after several gentle nudges. Arthur, Harry, and William began sprinting long circuits around the field.

“I knew they’d recognize each other,” Sue said, “but this is so much deeper than I imagined possible, and… it’s so extraordinary.” The woman was astounded that the horses could maintain such a strong friendship after so many years. “William is quite bossy,” she said. “He wouldn’t let any other horse do what Arthur is doing.” It’s great to learn that animals have feelings as well!

The horses are now the main attraction at Adventures with Horses, an organization that “offers learning and growth through the naturally occurring therapeutic opportunities horses can provide, in order to develop potential, self-awareness, and skills.” These horses are living proof that animals, like humans, form lifelong friendships. Watch the video below for a heartwarming moment!