Daisy The Dog, Rescued From Euthanasia, Now Joyfully Runs Around In A Wheelchair

Daisy, the lovely terrier, had a rough start in life. The lovely tan shorthair cross was born with an underbite and two shaky front legs that never worked correctly, and she was abandoned at the age of two months. Daisy, who was 2 months old when she was abandoned on the streets of Bellflower, was discovered by an animal control officer. After two months, the shelter planned to euthanize her, but a volunteer from A Home 4Ever Rescue rescued her just in time. She found her forever home many months later.

Daisy was spotted in the summer of 2011 by Sheena Main, who was looking for a special needs dog to adopt. Daisy was born with a congenital malformation in her front legs and walks with the use of a wheelchair. Sheena was heartbroken after learning that impaired dogs have a tough time finding a forever home and are usually the first to be listed for euthanasia at the shelter.

Daisy got around just fine on her paralyzed paws, but Sheena was concerned about the strain it was placing on her back, so she had a pink glittery wheelchair custom-made for her. Daisy, in Sheena’s opinion, is a brave girl who does not pity her disability and feels the same way about all disabled dogs. She chose to share Daisy’s story on social media in order to promote good awareness for all disadvantaged canines.

Daisy’s wonderful personality, sassy attitude, and underbite smile have won her followers from all over the world, for which I am eternally thankful. I hope Daisy’s story and images spread and that more people open their hearts to canines with special needs.

You can help dogs like Daisy and other disabled animals by contributing ANY amount, large or small, to the Miracle’s Mission Centre For Disabled Animals, which rescues, rehabilitates, and rehomes sick, injured, and crippled animals worldwide. “Animals using wheelchairs and prosthetics can live as good a life as fully able-bodied animals and that is what we want to show people” ~ Victoria Bryson, Miracle’s Mission founder.