Brave Pitbull Saves One-Year-Old Baby From House Fire

On February 21st, a brave dog saved a baby girl called Chantal from a burning home in Detroit. The fire was started by a child in the apartment below who was playing with a lighter, engulfing the multi-family unit on Beniteau Street in the city’s East Side with flames and dense black smoke. Despite being trapped in her playpen, the one-year-old was saved owing to Blue, the family’s pitbull-Labrador mix. Blue called the firefighters and then raced back into the blazing building, leading them to Chantal and rescuing her.

Janet Kelly, a mother of four, refers to her pit bull Labrador mix as her “real-life Lassie” because of his protective demeanor toward her family. According to Kelly, the incident began in the unit below when one of the youngsters inadvertently set fire to a mattress while playing with a lighter. The tenants promptly informed the families in the unit that they needed to leave, but the fire had already destroyed the building, leaving Kelly and her family with nothing. Fortunately, no one was hurt in the incident.

“The dog went running back into the house because he knew Chantal, my youngest was in her playpen,” the mother told Fox 2. “Firefighters had to chase him up and once they got up there, they realized that was going on.” Due to the disastrous fire, the mom and her four children are forced to leave in a van. She started a GoFundMe page!

“Unfortunately, we must turn to gofund me because we have lost everything,” the distraught mother stated. “My girls lost everything, from clothes to toys to food. We’re currently living in our truck until we can find new housing…” Numerous donations poured in, including a $2,500 payment from Kristen Bell. However, it is unknown whether she is the same Kristen Bell that appeared in the Disney film Frozen.

The fundraiser had raised a total of $97,694 as of Thursday. Kelly expressed her heartfelt gratitude to her supporters and stated that no further donations were required. “I want to express my gratitude to everyone for their generous aid and assistance,” she said. “This money will be used to help us find a new home.” More on this story can be found here: