A British Parrot That Had Been Missing For Four Years Has Returned Speaking Spanish

I’m aware that parrots can communicate. However, I had never heard of a multilingual parrot before, but this one definitely changed my view. Nigel is a grey African parrot who went missing from the home of its British owner in Torrance, California. To Darren Chick’s astonishment, four years later he was reunited with his bird, which had been discovered in the same place.

The only difference this time is that the parrot has a different accent. When the grey parrot flew away, he spoke with a British accent, but when he was discovered, he spoke Spanish. Julia Sperling, the proprietor of a dog grooming salon, discovered Nigel.

“He was the happiest bird on the planet. He was singing and chatting erratically. He was barking like a dog,” she explained. “I’m from Panama and he was saying, ‘What happened?’ in Spanish.” The woman first thought he’s a missing pet from an advertising she had seen. But after a visit to the vet, Julia realized her mistake and then she tried to track his original owner.

“I introduced myself and said, ‘Have you lost a bird?’ He initially said no. But he thought I meant recently. He looked at me like I was crazy,” the woman said.

Darren stated that he had no idea where his favorite bird had been for the last four years, but that “it’s really weird, I knew it was him from the minute I saw him.” Despite his Spanish accent, the owner couldn’t contain his joy at being reunited with Nigel. “He’s doing fantastic,” he remarked.